RollProf Technical Data

Unit of Measurement

Note - the unit of measurement can be switched to either millimetres or inches for all Rollprof Roll Profile Measurement Systems.

RollProf Data Logger

 Power Supply Built-in rechargeable NiMh Cells, 6x1, 2V
 Charger 9V at 500mA
 Battery Capacity 1500 mA
 Power Consumption                          200 mA
 Charging Time 10 hours
 Working Time 10 hours
 Total Memory 100 measurements

RollProf Linear Sensors (LDT - Linear Displacement Transducer)

 LDT Resolution 0.01mm, 0.001mm or 0.0001mm
 LDT measurement accuracy ±0.01mm, ±0.001mm or ±0.0002mm          
 Max. Diameter Variation (Standard Sensor) 6.0mm
 LDT stroke 0.01mm resolution 3.0mm
 LDT stroke 0.001mm resolution 2.4mm
 LDT stroke 0.0001mm resolution 0.2mm
 LDT Accuracy 2% of total stroke length

Long Stroke Sensors are available as an optional extra enabling the measurment of up to maximum 13mm diameter variation.

RollProf Measuring Wheel

 Pulse Wheel Diameter                           36mm
 Resolution 400 pulses / revolution
 Distance Resolution 0.3mm / pulse for 36mm wheel diameter
 Maximum Speed 0.35m/s during measurement

RollProf Portable Measurement Rigs

 HiRes 100 For roll diameters 100mm - 260mm
 HiRes 800 For roll diameters 260mm - 860mm
 HiRes 1600                                  For roll diameters 260mm - 1650mm
 PM1000 For roll diameters 400mm - 1000mm
 Beam For roll diameter 400mm+