Accessories and Spare Parts

Rolltech International Limited can supply any RollProf components, spare parts or accessories. Please find a list of popular items below. Please contact us for any items not listed.

Electronic Components

 Part No. Item Description
 102103 RollProf HiRes Sensor RollProf standard sensor
 102102 RollProf LS Sensor Long stroke sensor (max stroke 7mm)
 102105 RollProf LC Sensor Low clearance sensor for PM1000
 102116 Flat tips for sensors Flat sensor tips (included in HiRes System)
 102117 RollProf Measuring Wheel Pulse Wheel with cover
 102126 RollProf PC Cable USB-Serial Adaptor (non standard configuration)
 102108 RollProf Main Battery 7.2 Volts MH Battery
 102113 RollProf Memory Battery 3 Volts Li Battery

Mechanical Components

 Part No. Item Description
 102121 RollProf Spirit Level Special spirit level for RollProf
 102110 Rollprof Soft Wheels Plastic 'non marking' wheel set for HiRes           
 102115 Circular Measurement Set 2 pairs of wheels with bolts (for HiRes)
 103105 Long Measuring Arms Extension arms for HiRes 1600 (up to 2200mm)

Rollprof Rigs

 Part No. Item Description
 102136 RollProf 100 Rig                1 case containing 100 rig
 102124 Rollprof PM1000 Rig 1 case containing PM1000 rig                           
 102107 Rollprof Beam Rig 1 case containing Beam rig


 Part No. Item Description
 102122 PC Profile for Windows        Software for Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista and W7
 102139 PC Profile Mobile Software for Windows Pocket PC 2003 and later
 102112 Bluetooth Communication Wireless communication between data logger & PC


 Part No. Item Description
 104129 Data Logger Soft Case           Protective soft case for RollProf data logger
 102130 RollProf Traning Video Training film for HiRes & PM1000 - DVD or CD