Fincoat Oy

Thermal Sprayed Hard Coatings, Grinding and Gritblasting

Fincoat specialise in hard coatings for rolls and other components using thermal spray coating technology. Fincoat's approach is based on exceptional know-how in the area of thermal sprayed materials, state of the art thermal spraying technology and wide application experience.

Fincoat offer their hard coating, grinding and gritblasting services both from their 1400m² purpose built facilities in Riihimäki, Finland and on-site at the customer's mill site. At the Fincoat workshop, rolls of up to 60 tons can be handled. The workshop is equipped with a 14m spray booth with robotic spray technology, ensuring high quality and repeatability. Mechanised grinding, gritblasting and spraying systems are also used on-site to ensure a consistent high quality and a quick and efficient service. 


  • Superstrong - extreme wear resistance,  corrosion resistance and toughness
  • Slipstop - carbide coating and grit-blasting for friction demanding applications
  • Cleancoat - for wear resistance and non-stick using the latest nanotechnology materials
  • DryOnyx - wear and corrosion resistant carbide coating with special polymer release layer

Grinding Services:

  • Roughening treatments by grit-blasting
  • Grinding


  • Winder rolls and reel drums, segmented winder rolls
  • Guide rolls and spreader rolls
  • Calender rolls
  • Coating station upper rolls
  • Press rolls
  • G-band rolls
  • Dryer cylinders
  • Repair coatings

Fincoat Oy, Wurthintie 3, 11710 Riihimäki, Finland