Papertech Inc

TotalVision™ solutions using Web Inspection (WIS) and Web Monitoring (WMS) systems

Papertech, based in Vancouver British Columbia, has been developing innovative camera vision systems for web and steel-based production lines since 1996. With over 800 systems installed worldwide, their TotalVision™ video event capture software provides fast and effective tools for solving a wide range of production line issues. For their customers this means increased line efficiency and reduced costs.

Papertech's customers consider their TotalVision™ event capture solutions as assets critical to the success of their business; over 80% of Papertech's business comes from existing customers.

Totalvision™ combines web monitoring and web inspection into an all-in-one event capturing system. With operators able to quickly pinpoint the location of breaks and defects at one workstation, steps can be taken immediately to control line speed and product consistency. The results provided by Totalvision have shown to provide up to an 80% break reduction and a 5% increase in efficiency.

Typical paper machine camera locations

TotalVision™ web monitoring achieves industry-leading results by employing many technologies designed and developed by Papertech:

  • Full Suite of Video Tools: Auto playback with a guaranteed maximum 5 seconds to view all camera videos & extended video, breaks can be viewed seconds apart with no event lost or “blackout” periods. Multi-day extended video history always available with TotalRecall™ software
  • GigE-Vision® fully digital HD compliant: Most widely used digital camera standard, 100 metre Cat cable capability. Designed to fully interface with all current & future digital GigE cameras – large selection of Allied Vision cameras, all plug & play.
  • Colour & IR Thermal cameras: all GigE cameras available in colour allowing advanced colour-based event image analysis – first introduced in 1999.
  • WebLED™ lights: the most advanced high output LED lights available. High efficiency operation in all conditions with no air required below 50°C. MultiOptic™ beam optimization, CleanJet™ cleaning, a full range of units to suit all application requirements.
  • EverClean™: Patented air only camera housing never needs lens cleaning and requires no water or wiper. Over 500 units in operation.
  • CleanRing™: Proven, air only camera lens cleaning solution – no water, no wiper, no complexity.
  • Many installation options: Simple 100 meter Cat cable GigE video & lens communication, optional fiber for longer distances.
  • Most camera types: GigE industry standard with over 20 different types of cameras from 30 to 1000 images/second, over 2 megapixel, colour, IR thermal.
  • TotalVision software suite of tools: WebInspecto®, DebrisFilter®, EdgeDefect® and many more.

For further information on Papertech and TotalVision™, please visit their website.

PapertechInc., 108-245 Fell Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, Canada V7P2K1