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Rollprof is a high accuracy electronic roll measurement system for the measument of roll profiles in a workshop or production environment. Rollprof precisely measures and records diameter variation along the length of a roll or cylinder.

Rollprof has many applications including rolling mills, paper mills, roll manufactures, roll grinding workshops etc. Rollprof has been developed over 15 years in conjunction with experts from the world's steel and paper industries. Rollprof is today recognised as the market leading electronic portable profiling system and is used by many of the world's leading steel and paper groups.

The Rollprof systems are robust and easy to use, enabling accurate roll profiles to be measured in just a few minutes. Measurement resolution is up to one ten thousandth of a millimeter (0.0001mm). All the Rollprof systems are designed to interface with PC or PDA using Rollprof's highly developed software - PC Profile 3T for Windows. The profile measurement data is uploaded to PC or PDA by USB cable or bluetooth for easy analysis and storage using the PC Profile 3T software.

RollProf is available in a range of versions suitable for most roller applications over 100mm diameter:

RollProf 3T 100, 800 & 1600 - designed for workshop use - diameter range 100mm-2680mm
RollProf PM1000 - designed for in-machine use - diameter range 400mm-1000mm
RollProf Beam - designed for in-machine use - diameter range 400mm +
RollProf Inrop- on grinder system

Benefits of roll profile measurement:

  • Control grinding accuracy
  • Identify roll profile problems
  • Monitor roll wear
  • Maximise roll lifetimes
  • Avoid production problems before they happen
  • Enable correctly prioritised roll maintenance

Rolltech International Limited is the Worldwide Distributor for RollProf and works in close cooperation with the manufacturer, U-Teknik AB of Sweden.

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