RollProf PM1000

The Rollprof PM1000 is a high accuracy, electronic, portable roll profile measurement system. The PM1000 has been designed for use in-situ where access around the roll is limited (eg in a paper machine or calender). Only 45mm of clearance is required above the roll in order to take a profile measurement with the PM1000. In-situ measurements can be taken in just a few minutes, making the PM1000 a powerful tool for roll profile problem diagnosis, preventative maintenance and condition monitoring.

RollProf Beam

The Rollprof Beam is a high accuracy, electronic, portable profiling system, designed for the in-situ profile measurement of a 1m section of a roll (usually the ends where many roll wear and profile problems occur).

The Beam is extremely quick and easy to use. The measuring process is very simple with no ‘set up’ of the measuring rig required. Accurate 1m long profile measurements can be taken in a matter of seconds.

Why measure roll profiles in-situ?

- To monitor roll wear (especially at the ends, at the edges of the working face)
- To optimise roll use (avoid changing rolls too early or too late)
- To dismiss or confirm suspected roll profile problems

Considerable cost savings can be achieved right from the start with Rollprof's portable profiling systems.

The measurement data is captured on a special data logger which interfaces with PC or PDA to enable the downloading of the data. The profile measurement data can then be presented and analysed on Rollprof’s advanced custom software – PC Profile for Windows.


 Diameter Range: 
 PM1000 400mm - 1000mm
 Beam 400mm +
 Maximimum Diameter Variation:
 PM1000 4.8mm      
 Beam 6mm
 Profile Length: 
 PM1000 Complete profile - end to end
 Beam 1m profile
 LDT Resolution: 0.01mm, 0.001mm or 0.0001mm
 Data Logger Memory: Up to 100 measurements
 Software: PC Profile for Windows