RollProf 3T 100, 800 & 1600

The Rollprof 3T is the latest, 3rd generation Rollprof system. Launched in 2013, the Rollprof 3T utilises the latest electronic technology.

Rollprof 3T is a high accuracy, portable electronic roll profile measurement system.

The Rollprof 3T has been designed for use in an environment where there is access available above and to the sides of the roll. The Rollprof 3T is robust and easy to use, enabling accurate profile measurements to be taken in only a few minutes.

Rollprof 3T and it predecessor (Rollprof HiRes) are used widely in rolling mills, paper mills and roll machining workshops around the world.

Compete roll profiles can be measured from end to end due to the special 6 wheel design of the Rollprof 3T rig. The Rollprof 3T utilises two opposing measuring sensors for maximum measurement accuracy.

The measurement data is captured on a special electronic data logger which interfaces with PC or PDA to enable the downloading of the data. The interface can be via USB cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth communication. The profile measurement data can then be presented and analysed on Rollprof’s user-friendly, custom software – PC Profile 3T for Windows (optional Android version also available). PC Profile 3T can display the theoretical roll profile (eg straight line, crowned, polynominal, linear segments) to help to check whether a roll is within tolerance.

The Rollprof 3T is available in 3 versions with a diameter range of 100mm – 1650mm (can be extented to 2680mm). Various Rollprof Packages are available combining the different equipment options within the Rollprof range.


Diameter Range: 
 3T 100 100mm - 260mm
 3T 800 260mm - 860mm
 3T 1600 260mm - 1650mm (optional extension to 2680mm)
 Maximum Diameter Variation:           
 Standard Sensors 7.5mm (3.75mm individual sensor stroke)
 Long Stroke Sensors 16mm (8mm individual sensor stroke)
 Profile Length: Complete profile - end to end
 LDT Resolution: 0.001mm or 0.0001mm
 Data Logger Memory: Up to 100 measurements
 Software: PC Profile for Windows (Android option available)