Cotton Roll Covers for Calendering

Roval offers cotton filled rolls for paper supercalendering, textile calendering and embossing.

Thanks to the wide range of rovalrolls technology covers, there are cover material options to satisfy the performance requirements of most calendering applications.

Roval offers both geometrical interference fit and injection technologies for cotton filled rolls. 

The rovalrolls technology cotton covers ensure accurate, uniform and smooth calendering.

Roval also supplies new, precision manufactured shafts and locking nuts.

Applications include:

Paper Supercalendering
Coated Paper - Medium Weight Coated Paper (MWC) - Lightweight Coated Paper (LWC)
SC Paper - Fine Paper - Glassine - Label Paper - Release Paper

Textile Calendering
Universal Calendering - Friction Calendering – Schreinering - Simili Mercerisation
Embossing - Non-woven Calendering - Thermobonding

Paper – Board – Tissue – Napkins – Wallpaper - Metallised Paper - Foil
Textiles - Nonwovens – Leather – Vinyl - Film

Benefits of rovalrolls technology covers:

Cover uniformity is achieved through the accurate density control of every cover section, ensuring no variation in Shore D hardness.

Long lasting geometrical interference fit between cover and shaft is achieved through the regular and accurate measurement of the cotton material’s physical strength, and careful control of the inside diameter of the cotton discs.

For reliable injected covers, a sealing system is accurately engineered to adapt exactly to the design of the steel shaft, allowing for high pressure injection.

The specification and quality of the rovalrolls technology cover materials are precisely controlled utilising Roval's fully equipped research laboratory. 

Roval SAS, Rue de da Gare, F-62112, Corbehem, France